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Make Buying A House Easy With a Realtor

When buying a new home using a Realtor costs you nothing. He or She works for you for free. The benefits are unlimited however. In fact, searching for a home without a Realtor makes no sense at all.

These days most home buyers begin their search on-line looking through the many different Internet sites that offer MLS services and real estate sites such as Zillow, Yahoo Homes and Trulia. If your on your own sometimes there is a number provided to set up showing appointments, sometimes not. So right there your limited.

Most times the number listed puts you directly in touch with the sellers agent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it leaves you at the mercy of that agent. As a seller agent they are responsible to look out for the best interest of their client. As your buyers agent they are also responsible for your best interest. That presents a conflict.

In a situation when the same broker is handling both sides of the transaction that puts him as a deal maker, or broker. In the Real estate business this is called a transaction broker. You can have two different agents, one representing the buyer and one representing the seller, both working under the same broker. The best interest of both parties is presumably represented by each different agent. He or she must be honest, ethical and completely non biased. This doesn’t present a problem as long as you feel comfortable with the person making the deal for you.

You can see how having your own Realtor is to your advantage.

Having a real estate professional when shopping for a home makes the task easy, convenient and even fun. Your Realtor will keep you up to date as to what becomes available when it does. They will walk you through the process of buying from finding a house, to inspections to closing.

Many new homes come on the market and get sold off every day. You never know when that perfect house is going to come along so it’s nice to have someone knowledgeable about the industry constantly scanning the market for you. When it’s found your real estate agent can notify you right away and immediately set up a time to show the home to you and your family thus insuring you never miss an opportunity when it’s ripe.

I know here in Wichita Kansas the housing market is very competitive. Homes can hit the market and have a contract the same day. It happens often. Many times a potential home buyer will see a house he likes only to find it’s been contracted that very day. With all the tools available to Realtors these days it makes finding the perfect home for you a real possibility and not just a dream.

Remember your Realtor is your friend. He gets paid when your happy and not by you. Someone out there has worked it into the price of a house to find them a buyer. They are willing to pay to turn the equity they have in their house into cash. The Realtor brings you and that person together and brokers a deal where everyone’s happy and gets what they’re after.


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