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My response to:

“Joel, do you have any thoughts or comments about the Goody Clancy event? I’m going to be writing an article over the weekend, and if you have any ideas or comments, I’d appreciate them. Please let me know if I should attribute them to you by name or not.”

Goody Clancy is a consulting company my city, Wichita,  paid a half million dollars to. They’re going to tell us how to develop downtown by giving subsidies and tax incentives  away to developers.


I got there late Bob, about the last 45 minutes or so. What I thought:

I thought the answers to questions they gave were very generic and broad. Answers that could have applied to any city or town anywhere.

Build and they will come? In the movie field of dreams what came were ghosts. Ghosts don’t spend money.

Some of the comments and answers sounded like they were coming from the mayor, or one of the groups benefiting most from all this, stuff we’ve all heard before. I think that company has a great racket going, good for them, and I certainly think $500,000 could have been better spent. I’m sure that someone is benefiting, I just don’t think it’s the people of Wichita.

I thought they were skillful in answering questions by twisting them to what they wanted to hear. Much like a politician or con artist.

Downtown, like anywhere else, will grow if that’s what people want. Simple economics of supplying to feed a demand. I personally hope it will, that’s why I spend money there. I am creating demand. If this is what the people want they too will create a demand that will be fed by other people hoping to profit from it.

If hotels or dry cleaners or whatever are needed , truly needed, then someone will obviously take advantage of that need and supply it, if such a need develops. Everyone likes money.

And of course if you want economic growth it won’t come by choosing who gets tax breaks and who doesn’t. You cut taxes across the board so everyone has more money. Then everyone will take that money and spend it where they want to see growth.

Sorry, I tend to ramble at times. I don’t care if you attribute something to me.


Of the first two groups of settlers to land in the new world at Jamestown between 1607 and 1610, 80% or so died.  They died trying to live under a collective system where the “Government” of the settlement made the rules and distributed work loads and supplies.

In 1611 the British sent over Sir Thomas Dale to be high Marshall. He saw the problem right away and instead of living in a communal he gave each man in the colony, those that were left, three acres of land. The colony immediately began to prosper.

When realized there were no more free rides, each man began to work his own land and trade with the other colonists and even the natives.

Thus began private property and free markets in America.

Now it seems some parts of the Government in this country want to take us back to the early days in Jamestown, where no one really has any reason to work on their own. The Government is giving everything away and everyone is going to want the free ride.


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