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Do Not despair, Wichita

It seems every year we have at least one cold snap here in Wichita Kansas.  By that I mean at least a week or so of really cold weather with temperatures dropping below zero and wind chills well into the negative numbers.

I look forward to these days. Not because I like frozen birdbaths or shoveling snow. I like it because there is generally only one and from here it’s downhill cruising into Spring.

This is the time of year we start shopping for roses and planning our Spring garden. Searching through catalogs of flowers and designing landscapes for the yard. Placing orders for the roses we have chosen gives us the joy of the wait, anticipating the day they will arrive by postal carrier at our front door. That day means Spring, and with it warm weather, has arrived.

These activities keep us warm throughout the rest of the Winter and give glimpses of the summer days to come.

January also brings sales, and everyone loves a good sale. The clothing stores are starting to reduce the Winter inventory by reducing prices. This a great time, for us that are fashion stable, to start shopping for next years winter. Saving money always gives me a good feeling deep down in my wallet.

The real estate business is not so active in January. Not many buyers want to go out at look at houses in cold weather, so Realtors get a bit of an expected break.  We know the business will return  and the warm weather will be here soon.

Spring flowers

So don’t despair. Look to the near future and always remember, as Hal Borland says;

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”


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