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Dolci & Joes is my new favorite sandwhich shop in Wichita KS

Lisel and I ate there this afternoon after hearing about it from the owner himself. I was doing some other business on the phone with this guy when I found out he owns this place called Dolcis & Joes. So I thought we would give it a whirl, and are we ever glad we did.

The sandwichs were so ….. different from anything else around here, and soooo good. Mine was The Joshalotta with turkey, salami, peppered bacon, mozzarella, vegies and jalapeno-apricot mustard to kick it in. Lisel had a sandwich with beef salami, peppered bacon again, brined pork, smoked mozzarella, veggies and the sauce was a garlic aioli. Yeah, garlic aioli. A mayonnaise style sauce laden with fresh garlic, and we love garlic. They called it the Rocky.We were both just seriously amused, and impressed, with the “sweet potato fries” If for nothing else you have got to at least try these. And oh yeah, bring your appetite with you cause you won’t walk away hungry.

The place is crammed into the old taco tico building down by Hillside and Douglas. There are a few tables to sit at and some other decor, but we really didn’t pay much attention to that once we started eating.

If  burgers or  meat ain’t your bag, Dolci & Joes serves up some vegetarian sandwiches and salads too. We had tea to drink so I didn’t get to see what hand made fountain drinks was all about.

Just recently they put in an espresso bar and soon will serving breakfast too.

I can tell you that I’ll be stopping by for lunch again, or maybe even dinner. This was one of those finds that kinda makes your day!


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