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Wichita Vice Mayor Jim Skelton said politicians have to make unpopular decisions that are in the best interest of the community (“Council unsure of incentives for hotel,” Feb.1 Eagle). I fail to see how giving money to rich developers was in the best interest of the community, when there are many areas of the city that have safety concerns and promises unfulfilled.

Taxpayer Owned

City Council members admit there are lots of places in the city where safety is a concern. But where do they begin?  Their pet project, WaterWalk. The $760,000 fee that is going to the developer would go a long way toward funding the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County and sidewalks in the North East part of town.

Everyone interested in the WaterWalk project keeps saying that hotels and shops are desperately  needed downtown. If that were the case, developers would be clamoring over one another to build them. Instead, we have to bribe them with taxpayer money that should be used for the benefit of all the people, not just the select few-the few winners that the council chooses

.February 11, 2010 Wichita Eagle Opinion. Letters to the Editor


What's this gonna cost the taxpayer


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