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Wichita Gets Another Spending Tool

The State, Kansas, and local, Wichita,  Governments have gone too far. I realize that the State is  in a budget crisis and cuts need to be made. I’m all for cuts in Government spending and size. The problem is a lot of money is just being shifted from good needful programs like care for the disabled, to the pockets of friends of Government, rich developers with deep pockets.

That sounds like a hefty charge, I know. Hear me out.

The State has made many cuts in spending, even cutting their own pay, of which I commend them for.  Tough times call for tough measures and hopefully lessons learned.

This Historic Tax Credit Bill that the State is about to pass is putting money in the pockets of rich developers and taking it from disability programs and others that the people need. It gives Government officials, mostly local, another tool to get at taxpayer money to further their own personal agenda and pay off political debts.

The credit itself may not be such a bad idea but the potential for abuse, and this council is well know for it’s abuse, is infinite. For instance, have parameters been set for what is deemed a historical building and if so what are they. Is any building a certain number of years old eligible, or is there a vetting process. Does the public, aka the taxpayer, have any say in the way this money is spent.

These questions and more need to be answered and the People of Wichita need to be aware of what is really going on inside their Government.

Once again in Wichita Kansas it looks like friends of council win, the people lose.

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