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March is upon us and Spring is almost here. Seems like just not too long ago I was writing about freezing temperatures. Not that we’re completely out of the woods yet but certainly a lot closer. So close I can feel the dirt running through my fingers.

Did you know the month of March was named after the Roman God Mars. Initially the Roman God of fertility and vegetation and protector of cattle, fields and boundaries, Mars later became associated with battle and identified with Greek God Aries. Mars was also lover of Venus, goddess of love.

March is also Irish American month, hence St Paddys day.
This month was actually dedicated Irish American Heritage month by Congress in 1995.

Other special things about March include
– Music in our schools month
– National Craft month
– National Peanut month
– National Frozen Food month
– National Womens History month
– Poetry month
– Red Cross month
– Social workers month
and finally
– Nutrition month
I’m not making this stuff up, it’s real.

The Spring Equinox happens on the 20th of this month, same day as International Earth day and Passover comes on the 30th

The March flower is the Daffodil, which makes sense as mine are already starting to come up, first signs of life in my garden.

The Girl scouts were founded March 12, 1912. The rubber band was invented in March in 1847 and Coca Cola was first introduced to the public March 29, 1886.

For me March is the time to start getting ready for Spring gardening. For me March is the changing of the seasons bursting with expectations of new life to come. The anticipation of warmer weather and Summer fun. Before we know it the new Spring growth will be peeking through the soil and opening up to the new Season. The trees will be budding  and straining to burst forth their color and life.

It’s time to start planning the garden, prepping the soil and deciding what new plants to get. Soon we’ll be eating fresh Tomatoes and peppers. Fresh flowers will adorn our tables and the roses will begin to bloom in all their glory.


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