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Preparing Your Soil For Spring Planting

This is the month that gardeners get eager about planting. It’s time to start thinking about working the soil and getting it ready for your gardens as long as it’s dry enough. With sandy soils you can start whenever your ready. With clay and silty soils it’s best to wait until it is properly dry.

Take a handful of soil and squeeze into a ball. If the ball falls apart easily when you tap it, that means it’s ready. Working the soil when it’s wet could lead to clumpy hard to manange dirt later in the season.

Add organic materials, fertilizer and lime if needed when working the soil. Organic material is compost, manure, peat moss, grass clippings and aged sawdust to name a few. Work these materials into the soil now and throughout the season. It will make sandy or heavy clay soil easier to work. If you already have good soil, all the better.

The Sedgwick County Extension Education Center at 7001 W. 21 st St. North will have your soil tested for you to see what you lack and/or need. For $18 they will send a sample of your soil off to Kansas State research and Extension. After they get it back analyzed they’ll mail you recommendations as to what your particular soil needs are. You can also call them and talk to a Master Gardner for advice at 316 660-0100.


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