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April Showers…

April is here and with it comes April showers. Everyone knows April showers bring May flowers and that’s a good thing.

Here at our house we are preparing to start pruning our roses. Just last week we treated them for the first time this year against fungus and blackspot. This week they get the first fertilizing. Our first daffodil popped it’s face out on March 27. First flower of the season.

The big April Holiday is easter on the 4th. 

Lots of other happenings in April. Notably The Great Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of our country, was born April 13th in 1743. A few hundred years before that Leonardo Da Vinci came into the world on the 15th, 1452. Daffy Duck was created April 17th, 1937.  The famous playwright William Shakespeares birthday is April 23rd, 1564.

Paul Revere made his famous ride to alert the patriots that the British were coming on the 18th, 1775.

Abraham Lincoln  declared slavery abolished in Washington DC, April 15th,  1862.

McDonalds opened in Des Plaines, IL, 1955 on the 15th of April, also know as “Tax Day”.

April begins with April Fools day on the 1st. Read a road map day is the 5th. National pet owners day is the 18th. The 19th is Humorous day while cuckoo day falls on the 20th.  Earth day comes the 22nd. National telephone day is the 25th, tell a story day on the 27th and National Honesty day is on the 30th of April, the day George Washington was inaugurated in 1789.

The zipper was invented in 1917 by Gideon Sindback on the 30th and is still used widely to this day!

On a more serious note April is Autism awareness month and national child abuse prevention month. Both very important causes to recognize.

The month to honor the frog is April too. When the frogs come sleepily digging themselves out of hibernation Spring is truly here.

April is indeed a busy month with taxes due and Spring cleaning to get done . The best thing about April is everything is turning Green Again!


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