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Rose Time

The flowers are starting to bloom and the rose bushes are filling out with their leaves. Everyone is powering up for another fantastic Summer in the garden!

Here at our house we, or I should say, Lisel has pruned the roses and done a wonderful job. They’ve had their first fertilizing, are looking healthy and filling out beautifully. We haven’t had a rose bloom yet but our first flower, a Daffodil, showed it’s face on March 27.

Stutzmans nursery out of Hutchinson called my friend Bob Burrill last week and said their roses were starting to come out. Bob and some friends made a run up to Hutchinson to check it out. Unfortunately we had to work and couldn’t make the trip. Maybe next time. I guess Rose season has really started and I’m happy for it.

The planning for the Central District Rose show is coming along nicely thanks to all the really fantastic support from some of our members. The weekend of the show I suspect all WRS members will be very busy showing our roses and working the show itself. I hope everyone is as excited as I am and plans on entering something. It will be the first time for Lisel and I.

Throughout the Spring and Summer as the show approaches we’ll try and get some pointers from our members who have showing experience.

Other than that I trust everyone is having a fun, productive and Rosy Spring.

See ya at the next meeting!


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