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April 15, 2010-Tea Party

This great country is here because a group of colonists on this continent had had enough of being taxed without fair representation. That is they felt it violated their right to have their tea taxed by someone other than their own representatives. Taxed  by a dictator 3500 miles across the sea.

In this case it was tea. The colonists, these future Americans, were sick and tired of being taxed and tariffed into poverty,   so on December 16, 1773 they decided to do something about it. They decided to have the first “Tea Party” in Boston harbor.

That tea party led to a revolution, and that revolution led to the founding of this great country, the United States of America!

237 years later, on February 19, 2009,   a financial reporter on the floor of the Chicago stock exchange, Rick Santelli, called for another tea party in Chicago Illinois to protest this governments  behavior and it’s tax and spend welfare  philosophy. And with this, Ladies and Gentleman,…….

The Modern tea party movement was spawned.

And today, April 15th 2010, we carry on that tradition all across America as we too are sick and tired of having our prosperity taxed away and our government recklessly and wastefully spending our tax dollars!

And we too have decided to have a tea party. A National, bipartisan, American party with one voice declaring our independence once again.   Our independence and our right to Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and just as important our right to prosper in the New World!


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  1. I just hope it isn’t to late to rescue this great nation from economic ruination.


    Comment by flagheldstrong | April 17, 2010 | Reply

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