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I applaud the efforts to revitalize downtown Wichita Kansas. Lisel and I love it downtown and spend our time and money there when we’re able.  But…

While millions of tax payer dollars and the energies of elected public officials are being spent and concentrated on developing one area of town, Downtown, the rest of the City suffers.

There are places in this town that need help. There are whole neighborhoods that are shamefully falling into disrepair and in need of City services.

There are parts of town where the infrastructure is crumbling.

There are not so affluent  sections of this City where it isn’t safe for children to walk to and from the bus stops where buses pick them up to take them to Public schools. They have to walk in narrow streets dodging traffic along the way.

The solution for these areas seems to be to tear down buildings and homes.  This in turn leaves holes and empty spaces in once proud neighborhoods which further drags down real estate property values and deteriorates the area. We need to stop this blight.

Why not encourage development or spend some money in these areas. Something that will really help the people and put their tax dollars to good use. Maybe instead of tearing down homes and buildings we should be spending some of this money to better infrastructure, fix buildings and improve nieghborhoods.

Bring back and instill a sense of pride by making our entire city beautiful.


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