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Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of minerals, normally calcium and magnesium.  Hard water is not considered a health risk.  It is, however, a nuisance because of the mineral buildup it causes on fixtures and within machines and the negative effect it has on soap and detergent performance.  Hard water negatively effects the performance of dish washers, hot water heathers, pipes and solar heating systems.   Repeated exposure to hard water also dulls the colors of clothing.

A wide variety of treatment methods exist to reduce or soften hard water.  Among the treatment methods are chemical water softeners, mechanical water softeners and magnetic water conditioners.  However, water drinkability can be harmed by softeners and conditioners.  There is also some concern with the overall effectiveness of magnetic water conditioners.

More information on treatment can be found on line at www.hardwater.org


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