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Keeping on this “Green” theme, I rode with the Wichita Transit System today. Better know as the Bus. Mine was the Riverside connection. The CSBG committee meeting was downtown this morning and the Career Development office of Wichita KS where we have those meetings just happens to be right across the street from the Transit station.

I haven’t ridden the bus since my college days back in 80s. Back then it was out of necessity. Today I had Lisel drop me off downtown and away I went on my little adventure. It wasn’t much how I remembered it.

These days they have a beautiful and comfortable “transit center” downtown where you can wait inside in the AC for your bus if you should so choose. I did. The bus itself is air conditioned too, which was nice today as the AC in my car is NOT working. The buses are  clean, comfortable and my driver was friendly and courteous too.

Riding along streets I have driven down many times before I notice things I had never noticed before. Of course I was paying attention to the roads when driving. It was a nice experience. There were also more riders than I had expected but there was room for many more too.

The bus system operates a line called the Q-line that is free and cruises specifically around downtown for shopping and “bar-hopping” convenience. You can park your car and have fun downtown.

When I was visiting Lisel in Sweden in 2007 we rode the bus all over Malmo. The buses there were always crowded with riders going to work and play. It seems there were more riders than cars on the rode, in fact, I’m sure of it.

Riding the bus at $1.25 any where in the city is economical and good for the environment. The next time your car is in the shop or you just don’t feel like driving try taking the bus. It’s actually kinda fun!


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