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PMA, Gotta Have It

PMA is an absolute must for success. PMA is a trait all of the great entrepreneurs and successful people around the world share.

PMA keeps you going when the road gets rocky, or when the best laid plans don’t pan out. PMA is what makes people pick themselves up after failure and use that failure as a learning experience.

People with PMA just don’t give up.

So what is it? What exactly is PMA?

PMA stands for “Positive Mental Attitude”!

We all know people like this. People that are always up. Always moving forward, good at what they do. Those people that are very confident have a positive mental attitude. Nothing brings them down.

Now I’m sure we have all known or been around those of the opposite character. Negative people. The pessimists among us. Spend an hour with this crowd and your tired, want to take a nap in the middle of the day.

” OH NO, I only have half a glass of water left” or “It’s already afternoon, the days half gone”.    Avoid these people at all costs. Unless your there to help.

None of that at Toastmasters.  Toastmasters have to have a PMA. You have to feel good about yourself, be confident….Have a Positive Mental Attitude. Imagine  getting up in front of a room full of experienced, excellent and professional speakers, give a speech yourself…AND BE JUDGED by those pros. Not an easy task for anyone without confidence.

Think about those people that you get around that make you feel like your on top of the world. Like you could do anything. Those are the people you want to be around, those are the people you want to surround yourself with.

The Entrepreneurs among us are some of the best examples. You think Bill Gates sat around in his garage talkin’ bout, “Oh man, this will never work”, or Fred Smith of Fed Ex. What do think was on his mind as he laid the ground work for his company. Success, that’s  what was on his mind. Success. Of course it will work!!!

So the next time you start to feel a little down, a little out of sorts or maybe even a little Ne-ga-tive remember today. Remember this speech and stop.  Stop and think about everything you have. Think of that glass as half full, and how to fill it the rest of the way and think about everything you want… and how your going to get it!

And that,  Ladies and Gentleman, will take a positive mental attitude.


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