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Yesterday evening I became a competent communicator. That is to say that I finished my first manual in the Toastmasters program.  This first manual consists of ten speeches, each with a defined puprpose. For instance one was using visual aids, another is titled get to the point and one is all about using body langauge. Most of the speeches in this first manual are 5-7 minutes.

Toastmasters International will teach you public speaking and leadership skills. There are clubs all over the world, including several here in Wichita. Of course Via Christi, my home club, is the best, but if Wednesday nights are bad there are clubs that meet in morning, afternoons and on different evenings too.

Now that  I have finished my CC there are many other manuauls to complete with a large array of lessons and skills to learn. Some of the others are Public Relations, Humorously Speaking, Communicating on Television and many others.

Before I found Toastmasters it was difficult to speak at all much less in front of and to a group of people. Now I find myself giving speeches at public functions to strangers, in front of government legislative bodies and even to groups of professional speakers. It has helped me tremendously in the real estate business.

Joining and regularly attending a Toastmasters club will give you confidence, increase your ability to communicate effectively and help out in your personal and professional relationships.

Some well known Toastmasters include Tim Allen, James Brady, Peter Coors, Chris Matthews, Leonard Nimoy and the one and only self help expert, Napoleon Hill. Look up a Toastmasters club in your town and give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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