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Lisel and I visited Jon Kardatzkes place, The Museum of World Treasures in Wichita KS, again today. I can never get enough of that place. Jon and his partners have one of the premier dinosaur fossil displays in the country. Also truck loads of history, stories, facts and artifacts.

There is so much to see including a one of a kind and maybe only one in existence signature of Hernan Cortez, real mummy’s, shrunken heads,  Roman artifacts and so much more.

I first met Jon when he ran his museum out of the basement of the Garvey center. He’s taken on partners and acquired some new real estate in the heart of Old Town since then and made quite a splash. The new building backs Old Town square where the farmers market is held every Saturday morning. The new space is larger and already full. The address in case your not familiar with Downtown Wichita is 835 E. 1st Street.

Today there were two groups of school kids spending the day. It’s fun watching Mr Kardatzke personally entertain the children by telling stories and explaining how heads were shrunken by the Amazonians.You’ll find him almost daily walking the building and visiting with the quests. He loves talking about the collection and the history behind the different pieces.

If you haven’t been yet you really should go see it. Pack up the family or get together with friends and go experience The Museum of World Treasures. We’re lucky to have it here at our home in Wichita Kansas.


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