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Water Safety

I’m sitting here at Meads corner in Downtown Wichita and I notice in todays  paper that another child has drowned, this time in a lake behind the home.

That is prompting me to send out a reminder about water safety and how critical is to be aware. It just takes a minute of distraction. It  takes 1-3 minutes to lose consciousness and 5-10 minutes for the brain to shut down. That’s not very long.

It only takes a second for a child to wander into the water.

While pools provide a great way to cool off and have fun, they can also be deadly. This is especially true for children. It is essential that parents and pool owners make sure children are supervised at all times by an adult who can swim or a certified life guard and that this person has the proper equipment to respond to a water emergency. Parents and pool owners can take steps to promote safe swimming before children even get into the pool by making sure that barriers are in place around pools, spas, and hot tubs and that drains are installed properly.

Mostly just Be Aware!

I sincerely  hope everyone is having a fun and safe Summer.


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