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Buy Builder Direct, Yeah Right

The other day I drove past the entrance to a new subdivision in Wichita KS with a sign out front that begged, Buy builder direct and save money. I thought to myself, yeah, I’ll bet he will!

Buying real estate with out professional help is a mistake.

Two points here to make.

First, buying directly from a builder leaves you completely at his mercy. Everyone has heard horror stories about building a home. This is where those stories come from.

Unless you have some kind of back ground in construction a builder can pretty much do anything he wants including cutting corners, eliminating promised items or charging incredible markups on change orders and explain it all to you in a way you will accept but not understand.

To many future homeowners go into the building process with high expectations and blind trust. Buying “Builder Direct” means you don’t have anyone watching out for your best interest. I can promise you that the builder will be watching out for his.

For you it’s all about your dream home. For them it’s all about the money!

Second point is that a Realtor can make sure you have a solid contract that best protects you. He or she can also negotiate on your behalf having had the experience in doing so. He or she will make sure you are treated fairly when it comes to paying.

A Realtor will have had some experience and inside knowledge that separates the good from the bad.

Building a home doesn’t need to be a stressful and scary event in your life.

It should be a fun and positive experience. Something that you will look back on in the years to come and smile about.


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