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Solar Ready Homes

Solar ready new homes are equipped for the future use of solar energy. Here in Wichita Kansas builders and developers are starting to take notice of the benefits of energy alternatives and conservation.

This energy may be used to heat water or produce electricity.  Solar Ready could be considered a cost-effective upgrade that can be chosen for new homes or modify an existing home.  Capturing the sun’s clean renewable energy, solar energy systems may provide savings and a positive impact on the environment.

Making homes so solar systems can be added later is cost effective. As the technology grows and more supply is created the cost will diminish. Right now it’s still pretty expensive to install solar panels.

In choosing the Solar Ready option, builders need to design cost-effective adjustments to the home so that solar equipment can be installed in the future.

Solar requirements include:

  • proper roof size, pitch and orientation
  • Labeled conduits
  • Extra plumbing valves and fittings
  • An electrical outlet at the planned solar tank location.

In the future when it becomes necessary to develop, use and live with alternative energies, solar ready real estate will be cutting edge.


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