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Granite vs Marble

Marble and Granite countertops are two beautiful additions to any high-end home kitchen.  However, due to their unique physical properties each is suited to different uses and requires different care.

This is something to consider when investing in real estate.

Marble, with its unique random appearance and natural veins, adds warmth and elegance to kitchens.  However, it is porous and easier to scratch than granite.  Marble is also more sensitive to the acid found in many foods and can be tarnished easily by oil and chemical cleaning products.

Both marble and granite should receive the application of sealants and conditioning products that are specifically designed for each.

GO RUSTIC   In many parts of Europe, the scratches, discoloring and wear marks found on stone countertops are considered signs of character and personality.

In the USA  as well as in Wichita Kansas you can actually buy “preworn”, or distressed, marble to make it look old. I never really understood that concept myself. Trying to keep something new looking new has always been a challenge so I guess if you buy it already old you don’t have to worry about it. Or something like that.


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  1. Actually with some of the new sealants for granite you only have to reseal them once every five years. You still need to do this at least yearly if not more often for for marble, because as you pointed out it is more porous.

    Still in lower traffic areas or if you have time for maintenance, marble can be a great product.


    Comment by Bill | July 26, 2010 | Reply

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