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Nasty Little Grass Grubs

My mole problem has prompted much research as I don’t want to kill them, just to drive them away from my home. I found that Moles love to eat grubs.

Grubs, nesting looking over weight worms, are actually the larvae of certain beetles,  as June Beetles or chafers.  They love munching on the roots of grasses, especially dead grass and weeds. Their over-voracious appetites, combined with their ability to easily procreate, result in infestations that can kill large areas of lawns.

Grubs are also a great source of protein for moles and other pests like raccoons and skunks.  These larger animals will rip apart lawns in their quest for a taste of these juicy larvae.  There are plenty wandering around the city here in Wichita KS. Imagine walking up to find the entire sod you just laid completely rolled back.

I’ve tried grub killing chemicals in the lawn which seem to work somewhat but never completely solved the problem. They still show up when digging holes and planting. Recently I discovered a better and more permanent way, of course only time will tell.

Supposedly one of the most effective and environmentally friendly remedies against grubs is the Milky Spore Bacteria.  Milky spores are ingested by grubs and eventually cause the larvae to die.  The grubs then decompose, releasing billions of bacteria into the ground, where they remain active without damaging the sod.  One treatment of Milky Spore Bacteria can last up to forty years. And it’s not unfriendly to the environment!

Maybe a Realtor can even proclaim a piece of real estate “grub free” in the description of property.

As I said, time will tell.


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