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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Cities like San Fransisco, Chicago and Portland OR here in the USA and Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam abroad are all well known for their bicycle friendliness.

Wichita Kansas…. not so much.  I bring this up because I just got back from a bike ride and again realized what a bicycle unfriendly place my home is.

To get to a place in town where the few bike paths are I have to traverse miles of sidewalks meant for pedestrians who don’t want me there and streets designed for cars that would just as soon see me dead. OK, maybe that’s a little extreme but the way they honk, strafe me and yell, sometimes I wonder.

Council says, and have been saying for awhile, that a plan is being developed to make the City more bicycle friendly. A plan to build more bike paths that access more parts of town.  Installing bike lanes along roadways, much as the City of Madison WI has done. Passing new laws that make bicycling more safe.  All This takes time, and lot’s of it.

While I wait I’ll just keep loading my bike onto my vehicle and driving to a safe place in town to bike.


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