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This old house we bought recently to rehab in Wichita Kansas is turning out to be a great deal. It’s a lot of work sure, but the house is in much better shape then anyone imagined.

We got it right before the City, which had marked it abandoned, was about to tear it down.

Wichita board of zoning appeals has the final say in these matters of demolition of real estate before they get turned over to the council. We convinced the board to give us a little time to clean it up and track down the owner. He was found out in South Carolina. The amazing thing was all the taxes had been paid and were up to date. We worked out a price and struck a deal. A good one!

The problem often run into with these deals is the taxes haven’t been paid in years and that sometimes makes the projects cost prohibitive.

This particular house had been sitting empty for what one neighbor said was 12 years and another 20. A section of the roof had a big hole in it from where a tree had actually grown through the house. Weather had been getting in for who knows how many years.

A family of possums were calling one of the upstairs rooms home.

The roof was completely torn off and replaced. A bunch of homeless guys were hired to clean everything out which filled up two 30 yard dumpsters.

Now that some of the walls are stripped and we have a nice airflow through we’re finding it’s really not in that bad of shape. Foundation needs a little work, absolutely no mold (which was a pleasant surprise) and we found the power works fine after we had the electric company turn it on.

So now it’s just the fun stuff left to do.  A little sheetrock, cabinets, floors and some painting. Once all that’s done the old house will make someone a fine new home.

We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. That looks like a difficult project!
    Good luck!!!

    Comment by Lisel Trueb | July 27, 2010 | Reply

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