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When my clients shopping for real estate in Wichita Kansas have found a home that they want to buy, they sit down with me, their Realty World agent and enter into an Offer to Purchase contract.  Along with standard  pre-printed legal clauses that protect the interests of the parties involved, there are also negotiable components of an offer including

  • The price
  • We can ask closing costs and prepaid items to be paid by the seller
  • Personal items that are conveyed with the real property
  • Summary of financing to be obtained by the buyer
  • The earnest money deposit, showing the buyer’s good faith desire to proceed
  • Date of deed transfer (Close of escrow.)
  • Any repairs we want completed
  • Any additional contingencies to the transaction

When the offer is presented to the seller, he has three options:  accept the offer, reject the offer, or make a counter-offer to any part of the offer.  Negotiations continue until an agreement has been reached.

There are also contingencies built into the contract to protect clients even after an agreement has been reached, just in case.


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