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Oh, The Hypocrisy

This election cycle in Wichita Kansas the hypocrisy is layers deep and well-hidden. What is said and what is reality is not always the same.

The most famous extremist slogan “Keep government out of business”, unless of course it’s my business. Or, “Government is too big and needs to be trimmed”, as long as it’s not my government job that’s being trimmed.

I personally know several Government employees standing up and railing against to many Government jobs.  Huh?

I used the same old tired excuses as a child: “Everyone else is doing it.”  My  mother would tell me, “So if Johnny goes out and plays in traffic, does that mean it’s OK for you to go out and play in traffic?”

Of course, I knew the answer and always felt a little silly when she put it like that. I wonder if these hypocrites ever feel silly.

Vote your conscious, don’t be a hypocrite.


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