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AC Back In Action

Finally, my HVAC guy made it out. Our unit has been down for the past three days and the guy I use on our rehabs and for real estate clients has been stuck at home injured. He took a fall down some stairs.

Today Barry of All Tech Heating and Air in Wichita Kansas, through much pain from a pinched nerve, made it out today and my AC is back in action.

Thing about Barry is he doesn’t just fix your problem, at a reasonable price I might add, but he tracks down the cause and loves to educate. Today I learned some things about air conditioners. Some I knew and just didn’t do properly or regularly and some was news to me.

For instance I know I should be keeping the coils around the AC unit cleaned. I should be checking them several times during the Summer months and especially if there are Cottonwood trees growing nearby. I don’t. But I know I should! The rest of this Summer and in the future I will check and clean them regularly.

The problem here was the transformer. We needed a new one. Upon investigation it turns out the thermostat wires outside leading off the AC unit had been stripped somehow and the bare red and bare white wires were touching . Evidently this is what caused the transformer to blow.

The usual important points were hammered home: Keep coils clean, don’t let dogs pee on coils, make sure ceiling fans are pulling air up in the Summer and pushing it down in the Winter, make sure there are no bare wires showing and have your unit serviced every year.

By following all Barrys good advice maybe I won’t have to have him out again this year!


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  1. That was Ditto! I am sure it was our sneaky dog Ditto, he has taken between the wall and the AC as his path to sneak into my garden.

    Comment by Lisel | August 2, 2010 | Reply

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