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Proper Insulation=Dollars Saved

The weather in Wichita Kansas swings to extremes. It can get really cold in the Winter. Really cold, like below zero, and with the Kansas wind it can be dangerous.

In the Summer it’s not uncommon for the temperatures to rise above 100 degrees for several days in a row several times a year. That also can be dangerous.

Keeping the temperature inside your home even  barely comfortable can be expensive. The best way to keep those heating and cooling costs under control and help the environment by reducing energy usage is through proper insulation.

when I was building homes it was always important to explain the benefits of good insulation and encourage it. This is one of those areas where a little extra money really does go a long way.

Now that I’m a real estate agent I still like to point out the necessity of insulation. It’s one of the questions we always ask of a seller when looking at homes.

For instance I know that a few extra inches of insulation in your attic can save you a bundle on energy costs. I know this from experience as I have done it to my own home.

There is no set formula as to how much $ saved to how much insulation added, but when I was researching I found that some  insulation companies will come out and “audit” the energy efficiency of your home  by computer program. I’m not so sure that’s really necessary,  just remember the more the better.

Of the many different kinds of insulation blown in is considered the best as it fills every little cavity in the walls and ceiling. exterior walls and the ceiling are insulated to protect a home from the outside elements but insulation can also be used on interior walls to block sound or if you want to keep different rooms at different temps.

Floors can even be insulated. So if that clack, clack, clack of heels walking across a hardwood floor sound when your in the basement drives you crazy, there’s a solution.

Insulation is cheap, good for the environment and can save you money. What’s not to love.

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  1. An energy audit by a Certified HERS Rater can result in your mortgage lender, increasing the new home loan or a refi. VA and FHA allow the additional capitalized cost to improve insulation, new equipment, air sealing. The calculated cost savings pay for the increase in mortgage. Ask your lender.

    If you want to know more about the certified rating and the potential for cost savings, give me a call.

    Comment by John Nicholas | August 15, 2010 | Reply

    • Good information John, thanks. That’s what I was looking for to write about. Now I know.

      Comment by joelweihe | August 15, 2010 | Reply

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