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Don’t Throw it Out-Compost It

Instead of throwing your food waste in the trash or sending grass clippings and fallen leaves to the dump why not turn all that waste into something good. Something good like compost.

All that “trash” can be turned into rich, dark organic material that will be wonderful in your garden. Compost provides nutrients that will make your garden thrive. It saves time and money by reducing water and fertilizer needs.

Making compost is good for the environment by keeping that much trash out of the landfills.

Compost is easy to make. It can be done without spending any money. If one prefers there are products on the market that can speed up the decomposition process and even make it tidy.

Decomposition is how compost happens. Just simply throw all your organic food waste, grass clippings, twigs and overripe fruit into a pile and watch nature break it down to a nutrient rich organic soil.

Here at our home in Wichita Kansas we prefer to put it neatly into big  bins. We fashion the bins out of wire fencing then line them black cloth weed barrier. If you throw some of the black weed barrier on top as a cover it will help to speed up the process.

Once your pile starts to grow turn it every once in awhile. You’ll find the material gets hot. That’s all part of the decomposition process.

Some waste isn’t fit for your compost. You shouldn’t add animal parts, meat, dog or cat droppings or diseased plants  to compost. Some say don’t add ashes from the fireplace. I do.


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