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Contractor Coupon Use

Often when buying real estate we have to hire contractors. We need them to get through strict FHA loan requirements. Sometimes after you’ve moved into a new home some remodeling is necessary. Investors use contractors to fix up rentals or when flipping properties.

All the usual rules apply when hiring contractors:

  • Be an informed consumer, do diligent research.
  • Make sure all licenses are current and up to date.
  • Get recommendations.
  • Interview several and take bids.
  • Meet face to face before any decision is made.

All very good advise.

Here is something new. I came across a coupon  in Wichita KS . It was for 20% off handyman services. The ad said to present coupon when calling.

That struck me as ……. tricky. The reason being if you call for a bid and let them know you have a coupon it gives the opportunity to work that 20% back into the price.

Instead, and to be fair, get a bid and then present the coupon. That gives the contractor a chance to honor it honestly and you a chance to keep him honest.

And we all know honesty is the best policy!


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