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The Investors Are Coming

Investors are out in force snatching up all the good deals.

While the real estate market in Wichita Kansas has slowed somewhat prices are low and falling. Foreclosures are numerous and expected to rise even more. Renting is becoming popular because of the tight credit markets.

All this is bringing out experienced investors and those curious about investing. Some of the homes out there needing a little sweat equity are ridiculously cheap, and there is a huge inventory to choose from.

I find some of my investor clients foaming at the mouth as we look around town. It’s not so much trying to find a property anymore as it is deciding which property to buy. There are investors coming from out of town to buy here because, and get this, they say our property taxes are so low. Kudos to the county commission for that one!

The tax credits and free Government money is gone for now, the banks don’t want to lend and people are just plain nervous about what’s going on with the economy. Forecosures are at an all time high and the market is flooded with homes for sale.

All this makes for an investors dream. Buy low and rent until the economy comes back, then fix up and back to flipping!


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