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After showing real estate in Wichita Kansas today, my regular job, I took a look around at some homes the City has slated for demolition. Most of these are abandoned properties people just left behind. Sometimes we can find a  house or two that’s worth saving.

It’s sad really. The City will come through and demolish these homes after a certain amount of time leaving big holes in neighborhoods. You’ll notice the homes around those empty lots begin to deteriorate themselves. The owners become not so concerned about the way their house looks. It spreads down the street until you have whole blocks that have fallen into disrepair.

We can save that house by pleading with the City to give us a little time. It becomes a process of tracking down the previous owner, or the bank or whoever and cutting a deal. If an agreement can reached we get the house, put some money into it and sell it.

The idea is the new homeowner takes a little pride, plants some flowers, keeps the house up and that too spreads down the block.  There’s not much money in it but it makes me feel really good to drive down that street a year later and see something nice where before there was just despair.

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