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Repairing Windows to Save Money

At home in Wichita Kansas the extreme weather conditions and fluctuations can play havoc on our real estate.

Replacing windows in your home is sometimes a necessity.  Most of the time they can simply be repaired to save energy, money on utility bills and thousands in replacement costs.

Of course window manufacturers will tell you there is only one option, but we know better!

With age and abuse (abuse caused by non-maintenance mostly) windows will start to become “worn”.  The sashes become cracked and peeling, the glass rattling in the wind or condensation has begun to appear in between panels on vinyl insulated windows.

When maintained properly wood windows can last forever, or at least seemingly so.  When not they tend to quickly degrade.  Repair neglected sometimes rotting wood windows with a penetrating liquid epoxy and paint. Strip off old glazing that holds in the glass and replace. This doesn’t require a degree and anyone can do it.

Old double hung windows with counter weights for assisting in raising sashes are often broken. New replacement lifting products can be installed and the  cavities inside the walls from the old mechanisms can be filled with foam to prevent heat loss.

Replace latches, hinges and locks.

Non wood windows such as aluminum or vinyl just need caulk. Seal around the windows periodically and replace the gaskets that hold the glass in when needed. Loose aluminum sashes can be fixed by tightening the screws at the corners.

Most of these repairs can be completed in a day or two. The savings in energy costs are well worth the minimal effort involved and saving energy is good for the environment!  Supplies such as caulk, glazing, weather-stripping, foam and gaskets can be picked up down the block at the corner hardware store.

So turn off the game, get off the couch and make yourself useful.


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