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Fall-My Favorite Time Of Year

It seems it’s time to start pulling down the sweaters and taking jackets out of closets here in Wichita Kansas.  October is here in all its glorious splendor.

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year and it has arrived! Spring is nice with new beginnings, warmer weather and all but there’s something about fall. The crisp fall air seems so clean after a really hot and stagnant summer. It’s safe to venture out of our homes again without the fear of being scorched.

October is often the month of Indian summer days and crisp fall evenings. Days get shorter and the garden produces its last burst of color before the first frosts. It´s a big gardening month for most of the country before hunkering down for the winter.

Our rose blooms so far this fall have been nothing short of spectacular. The rest of the garden is coming back to life too. Of course soon it will be time to start thinking about putting the garden beds and roses to bed for the winter. The experts at the Wichita Rose Society are on hand to give advice about how to best go about this. One can also visit our website at http://www.wichitarosesociety.org/ for information.

The Central District Rose Show that WRS hosted this year was a great success thanks to Pat Horbelt and all the others who helped out. Not only did we have a great show and convention but we made a great impression on our club. Again, thanks to everyone for your support.


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