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I attended my first day of volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita this week. I wrote about it before when they first opened and I am still completely impressed. It’s only gotten better.

There is literally an army of dog walkers and cat sitters in and out all day long. I was there for three hours. As I was leaving the first dog I walked was out for his second romp of the day by another volunteer just coming in. The animals are getting plenty of exercise and attention. More so than I would ever had imagined before I saw it with my own eyes.

It has to be admitted that it can be a kind of sad place when you consider the over population problem brought on by irresponsible humans. I prefer to look at the Kansas Humane Society as a happy place where animals spend a little time being well cared for before they are adopted to a new home or….the alternative. That will be a subject for another time.

Oh my, they get treats and affection and lots of attention. The volunteer coordinator Dayna Boso is a truly remarkable Woman. Full of energy and compassion she does an extraordinary job of organizing the entire volunteer system.

The overpopulation of unwanted pets is a tough problem to be sure and The Kansas Humane society and it’s army of volunteers helps tremendously with education, boarding, spay and neuter campaigns and adoption.

If you are considering bringing a pet into your family, please consider adoption.


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