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Too Warm For November, But We’ll Take It

It hardly seems like November out there with all this warm weather. I’m happy for it though, don’t get me wrong. Business in real estate has been booming. With that and all the volunteer work the garden at home has been somewhat neglected as of late.

Last week we took a day off, most of a day anyway, and finally got to the fall planting and transplanting that happens every year. In the Spring we’ll have some new Earthkind roses blooming. Among them Prairie Princess, Mutabilis and Winter Sunset.

Excited for that. Next year is the Dublin Bay that sold out at the Herb Day sale before we had a chance to get one.

This is also the season of half price sales at the nurseries. Yay! I picked up a couple very nice Japanese Barberries from Johnson’s last week. Gotta love those half price sales.

Sometime this month it’s time to get all the roses put to bed for the winter.

Everyone has a favorite way as we have ours. This month at the Wichita Rose Society (WRS) meeting we’ll have some of our most experienced Rosarians, of which I am NOT one, having an open discussion on how to go about winterizing your plants.

Lisel and I listened and learned the last couple years. Following the great advice we received from WRS we did not lose a single rose. On the contrary they all came to life and thrived in the Spring.

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