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Exercising Yourself For The Dogs

Exercising yourself for the benefit of the dogs will make you feel good on both counts.  Doctors, health professionals and just about everyone else agree that walking is a great form of exercise. Walking is healthy, can help lose weight, increase heart health and make you feel good.

But for some walking is just plain boring.  Others may find it a waste of time. I happen to know how one can walk, get fit, help and have fun.

Volunteer to be a dog walker at the Kansas Humane Society!

Really. It just takes a couple hours a week and you wouldn’t believe the good it does and the happiness it brings. Wichita has a great Humane Society. They really take good care of all the animals temporarily residing here. A great percentage of them find a new home. In the meantime we can all help the dogs be better companions to their new owners by being companions to them while here.

Personally I look forward to my time walking the dogs. On top of the good it does for the animals it’s a sort of relaxing fun meditation for me. All my worries and troubles are set aside as I play with and bring  joy to the dogs.

If you don’t dig dogs then come and sit with the cats. Plenty of opportunity for that and they need and love the interaction.

The cats love to be stroked and talked to. Intreaction with humans keeps these animals healthy and sane.

If rabbits, gerbils or rats are your thing there are even those at the Kansas Humane Society.

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