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District Advisory Boards-DABs in Wichita

District Advisory Boards, or DABs, were created for the community by local Government in Wichita Kansas. DABs are comprised of a City Council member and 11 citizens representing that council members district. Citizens like you and I.

The district advisory board discusses zoning issues, community projects and other issues that affect the lives, homes and property of the districts citizens. They then make recommendations to the council which accepts those recommendations a great majority of the time. They do make a difference. Neighborhood meetings are a place where you can make a difference with the help of your DAB.

It’s not just the board but the entire district. The district advisory boards meet once a month and welcomes, in fact encourages, community input. Our DAB for district 6 meets the first Monday of the month at Evergreen recreation center. To find when your DAB  meets go to the Council section of the Wichita City website.

Show up at the meetings to have a say what happens where you live. This is a great way to be heard and your opinion counted. Your dealing with people just like yourself, not another Government official that to often just nods their head and forgets about you once your gone. It’s even possible to get on a board. Simply contact your council member and see if there’s a position open.

Get involved, it’s easy. You can be heard and make a difference.


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