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Getting pre approved by a lender or bank before looking for a home in Wichita KS just makes sense. A mortgage lender takes the guesswork out of shopping for a house by letting you know how much you qualify for.

Most sellers want proof that you can get a loan to buy their house before they’ll go into contract with you. This is because the home is off the market while working through a contract and if it turns out someone can’t get financing that’s all wasted time and money.

Another good reason to have a pre approval letter from a lender in hand is when you find that perfect house your ready to make an offer. If you have to take the time to go and get pre approved someone else may swoop in and buy YOUR house!

Here’s another scenario;

Imagine you have been diligently searching for a home everyday for months and you finally find it. It’s perfect! You put in an offer and come to terms with the seller. Three weeks later the lender informs you that the house you want is $15,000 more than you qualify for. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating.

If one takes the time to get pre approved before searching for a home it makes the entire process easier and stress free. You know what you can afford. You’re ready to make an offer when you find that perfect home. You’ve already established a working relationship with your team consisting of yourself, your Realtor and your lender.

So do yourself a favor and go get pre approved by a lender before starting your home search in Wichita KS.

If you have questions about getting approved or need help finding a reputable lender in Wichita KS please contact me.

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