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Volunteering in the Community in Wichita Kansas

Volunteering in the community here in Wichita Kansas and elsewhere is one of the attributes that helped form this country and make it great. People helping people. In the spirit of barn building when an entire community came together to build one landowners barn at a time.Kansas Humane Society

Only if the community works together by volunteering can we strengthen our core and learn to rely less on Government. There are many volunteer opportunities, find one that fits you!

If you like animals most Humane Societies rely on volunteers to function. I know the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita has thousands of volunteers from the community that keep the place running.

Maybe you like gardens. Cities have gardens that need tending and often rely on volunteers from the community.

The elderly and poor often are in need of assistance. The elderly have done their time and the poor may just need a hand up. Not necessarily a hand out.

In my own community in Wichita Kansas I have started with the help of our Wichita Area Association of Realtors a program to help disabled, elderly and poor bring their properties up to City standards. This program works exclusively with volunteers from the Wichita Kansas community.

It worVolunteer in the community wichita Kansasks likeRealtors at work in the community this; When a property falls into disrepair or isn’t being kept up The office of Central Inspection (OCI) may write a ticket to the homeowner. If the owner doesn’t comply he will be summoned to “Environmental Court” where a Judge will give them so much time to complete the repairs. The owner also has to pay court costs.

The problem is sometimes the owners are disabled, elderly or just poor and are not able to complete the tasks. They just keep getting hauled into court and fined again and again. A little ludicrous really!

What we do is gather up a load of volunteers from the community in Wichita Kansas, mostly Realtors, and go complete the tasks for them! We bring their house up to compliance because sometimes people just get overwhelmed and need a hand.

Businesses are donating supplies and the landfill lets us dump trash. But more than anything it takes volunteers. It just takes a few hours of one day of someones time. For volunteer information or to get on the volunteer list call Tara at The Wichita Area Association of Realtors.

What do we get out of it? Satisfaction, a chance to give back to the Wichita community that gives us so much and lets the public know that we are here to help. Our clients see us as people involved in the community and they like it. Really!

Volunteering in the Community in Wichita Kansas is a great way to show we care!!


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