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Fixing Squeaky Stairs

Squeaky stairs are annoying and can turn off potential buyers when your trying to sell your home in Wichita Kansas. Fixing Squeaky stairs

Often I notice homebuyers concerned when they walk down squeaky stairs. It must mean the house is about to fall down!

Fixing those squeaky stairs is cheap and easy. If you can get under the stairs, all the better.

Just so you know, the tread is the horizontal part you step on and the riser is the vertical under the tread holding it up.

First pick up an L bracket from your local hardware store. it should come with screws. If it doesn’t make sure you pick up a few that are not going to run clear through the tread or riser. Usually 3/4 inch will do it but be sure to check your own stairs. Keep in mind also the riser is often made with thinner material.

atr.com.myThe next step is to get under the stairs and attach the L bracket to the back side of the tread and riser with the screws. This tightens everything up and should stop your stair from being squeaky.

Wood blocks can also be used. Glue the wood block into place then drill pilot holes for the screws. Drive the screws into the tread and the riser.

If you can’t get underneath to fix the squeaky stair don’t despair. If the stairs are carpeted pull back the carpet if you can. Drill some pilot holes then ram some screws through the tread into the risers front and back.

If you can’t pull the carpet back for some reason drive the screws through the carpet in the same manner and simply break off the screw heads.

There it is, a quick and easy fix to your squeaky stair problem in Wichita Kansas!

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