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Waterfront Lake Homes at Harbor Isle in Wichita Kansas

Waterfront Lake Homes at Harbor Isle in Wichita Kansas

Waterfront Lake Homes at Harbor Isle in Wichita kansas

Yes, there are waterfront lake homes available in Wichita Kansas. Not just a house built close to some water but real life actual waterfront lake homes on a real lake right here in Wichita Kansas. The place is Harbor Isle and your going to be impressed. The homes are luxury affairs built by one of the most quality conscience and premier builders in the area. Brad Bachman Homes.

Fine detail and quality are what makes Harbor Isle homes famous. Designed with functional kitchens, open floor plans and distinct styling and taste, these waterfront lake homes have won numerous awards including pick of the parade for the Wichita Parade of Homes many years in a row. Walkout basements with high ceilings doesn’t feel like a basement at all. Roomy master suites built for royalty with spacious tiled showers, his and her sinks, large tubs and even televisions in the shower if that’s your thing.

Living here makes the city seem light years away but is never actually out of reach.

The lakeWaterfront lake Homes at Harbor isle in Wichita Kansass at Harbor Isle are big, deep and full of fish. As you step out the backdoor of your waterfront lake home in Wichita your private dock is just steps away. Fish from the dock or take your boat out for a cruise on the lake in Wichita Kansas. It’s like having your very own personal resort with pontoon boats, sailing, jet skis, fishing and other water activities and with these hot Summers we have that’s a joy. This is truly like living a permanent vacation!

Once you’ve fallen in love with these lakefront homes in Wichita it’s time to sit down with Brad Bachman himself and start designing your own unique home at Harbor Isle. There are several different plans to work from or you can bring your own.

When you own a waterfront lake home at Harbor Isle in Wichita it makes a statement. It says you have arrived. Brad Bachman homes at Harbor Isle are the most custom built homes there are. The builder himself is there every step of the way making sure the homes meet his standards which will far exceed yours. This is a place where folks build their dream homes. Their forever homes!

Check out these incredible waterfront homes on the lake at Harbor isle in Wichita and let Brad Bachman help to make your dreams come true!

Call me to set up an appointment or with any other real estate questions or needs. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of residential real estate. I’m here to help.

Waterfront Lake Homes at Harbor Isle in Wichita Kansas


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When Interest Rates Rise

People  buying homes right now in Wichita Kansas or anywhere  else in the country using FHA financing get an added and very important bonus. Their loans are assumable.

What that means is when it comes time to have a Realtor sell that house in the future the buyer can take over your loan with that super low interest rate you got. Of course he or she has to qaulify just like you did.

With interest rates as low as they are right now due to the poor economy that will be a great selling point later on when rates have risen. Some economists think when rates begin to rise they may go up quite a bit for real estate, and they could be right. All this free money being appropriated out of thin air is going to have to be paid back someday.

Imagine when everyone else is paying 6,7,8 or who knows how high they will go some lucky buyer can pick up your house with a 3.7 or 4.5 interest rate.  There will be bidding wars!

Just one more thing to consider as you teeter on the fence.

p.s.  VA loans are also assumable.

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Ethics?, or mind your own business.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of mis-information about the Governments tax incentives to buy a home here in Wichita Kansas. Everything from “how long will it take to the check to get here” to “I heard I don’t really have to live there”.

I was showing a home to a woman and her son when she posed this question to me, “if we write a contract on this house, how long will it take the check to arrive.”  Of course I asked what check, and she said the government check.  I explained to her the reality and sent her to the official website. (I don’t think she believed me.)

Apparantly she had been talking to a real estate agent who let her know that if she bought a house from him the Government was going to send her a check. A check she could cash, deposit in an account or whatever she wanted. A check for $8000.

She was shocked when I told her that wasn’t the case and looked at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. True story. She ended up not buying as she was counting on that money to help. Or maybe she just was upset with me and went somewhere else. I’ll never know.

Another one was an honest mistake that could have been a disaster.

Sitting in a seminar  not purposely eavesdropping  I overheard someone tell someone else that you had to live in the home when you buy it to get the tax credit.  True enough. What followed was you can move out right away and turn it into a rental as long  as you own it for three years.  Not true.

The someone doing the telling was a Realtor. Maybe it wasn’t my business. Maybe it was, being a Realtor myself. I interjected and set the facts out. No, you have to live there for three years and if you move out before then the money has to be paid back.

Imagine if this person had gone through with a deal thinking that the case. That he could move out right away and make the home a rental.

Whether  by purposeful dishonesty or honest mistake either situation could have had grave consequences for the buyer. It is imperative that a professional, in whatever field, know the facts.

Another misconception I run into all the time is that people are being told that there is an $8000 tax credit for first time home buyers. While this is true somewhat, the other factor is “or 10% of the purchase price up to $8000″” which often gets left out. Several times I’ve been approached by first time buyers wanting to buy a fixer upper for, say $30,000, figuring on an extra $8000 around tax time to help in the restoration.

What do suppose happens when these types of deals go through and the client finds out after the fact. The Realtor is long gone, he doesn’t care. There’s generally nothing in writing saying the realtor made these statements. There’s  no one to sue. The buyer is just left with a bad taste in the mouth and a bad attitude towards real estate people.

What it does is give us a bad name, a bad reputation. So yes, it is my business, and I will continue to make it my business to set the record straight when ever I get the chance. Our reputation, our ethics and morality and our sense of right  is the most important thing we have.

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Realtors-Neighborhood Watch

Prevent Animal Cruelty

Last Saturday I was out showing houses, my usual Saturday activity. What made this day working in real estate different was I had the chance to save an animal. A dog to be specific.

My clients and I were walking through our third house of  a really cold day here in Wichita. There was snow on the ground and the forecast was for more. More snow and more frigid temperatures. On this day we were sort of avoiding the decks and backyards. We looked out the patio window to see the yard and what we saw next door startled both of us.

In the backyard right next door was a dog, what was left of one, chained to a rotting small “dog house” on a short chain. The dog itself  was literally skin and bones. From where we were we could see it was hunched, freezing and most likely starving. This isn’t a picture of that paticular dog but a close representation.

Immediately I went out back to get a closer look, I really had to as I couldn’t hardly believe it. I’d seen animals abused like this on animal cruelty websites and humane society posters, but never like this in real-time. We could see the dogs entire skeletal system as if he were wearing no skin at all.

The poor thing  rasped, an attempted whimper I think, and struggled to rise. It sort of half dragged itself into the small box that served as it’s shelter.

On returning home I tried to find a phone number to call and report. It wasn’t easy. No one answered at the obvious places like the  Humane Society, Sedgwick County animal control or Wichita animal services due to it being the weekend and late. I called the police and they just gave me the number to the Wichita  animal shelter. When explained that I had tried that the woman responded that I would just have to wait to report it.

Wait?!?? It was supposed to get down way below freezing tonight. I didn’t want to wait, I thought there were laws against this sort of thing, animal abuse and cruelty. She sounded annoyed when I asked her to take the information and report it. Big sigh, “OK fine, sir, what’s the address”.

I assumed by the attitude that the Wichita Police did nothing. The dog most likely spent another night in it’s misery, much to the chagrin of my face book friends.

Finally Monday morning I was able to contact someone with a heart at  Wichita Animal services. This was the third person I spoke with, he sounded genuinely concerned with the plight of this poor animal and would send someone out to investigate right away.

Tuesday I called to see what had happened and was told that they couldn’t give out that kind of info. Something about due process and privacy rights. I can understand that and I feel confident that something was actually done.

Realtors are constantly out and about in the community. In and out of houses and neighborhoods. We see a lot. Some of what we see is bad and we, as citizens, have the opportunity to report incidents, suspicious characters, abused animals and anything else we see that’s out of sorts.

I think we even have somewhat of a duty to do so. We can help to make the neighborhoods, and indeed  the world, we live in a safer and better place to be.

Kansas Humane Society  316.524.9196

Wichita Animal Shelter    316.268.8378

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What To Do About This Real Estate Market?

Unemployment was down today, which is good news, but so were existing home sales, which is not so good news for the real estate market. It was forecast by economists and other “experts” that sales would be up slightly from last month. They were down slightly instead. I emphasize slightly. Much ado about nothing in my opinion.

The thing is, we have to expect some drop in home sales as the first time buyer tax credit nears its end. The end being December 1st. There is still time for consumers to get in on the credit, but time is slipping away quickly. It is taking on average anywhere from 45 to 60 days to take a home purchase from contract to closing, and that’s if it goes relatively smoothly. So, as I said, time is running out and buyers realize it may be to late.

There are all sorts of bills running around Congress to extend the tax credit. That would be a good thing for the real estate industry and possibly even the economy. Lots of lobbyists are working overtime doing their part to make it happen. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is also at the party with a big push for an extension. You can find articles all over the internet about efforts to do so.

Some want to give everyone that buys a house a tax credit while others just want to extend the first time buyers opportunity.

If they do nothing and let it run out home sales are liable to drop drastically as that is what has been churning the market this past year. Better if they would not have done anything to begin with than let it go away.

Let me explain. We have taken all the first time homebuyers of this year and two or three years into the future and forced them into the market early. That’s why the market has been so busy lately. By taking all these sales now that leaves none for the near future. If the incentives are not there, there will be no more buyers. The economy, although improving in the Feds opinion, is not on its feet enough yet to support a robust housing market of its own volition.

In other words, by forcing the market we have used up all the buyers. I’m also sure that a lot of people have gotten into the real estate business as Realtors specifically to take advantage of all the extra buyers out there. That’s going to leave us with no buyers and a lot of extra agents. This is just my theory.

Without an extension of the first time buyer tax credit, the housing market could just possibly be doomed. I’m hoping they have a plan. A plan that would let business slow down, thinking the credit was over, and then around the middle of November or so pass the bill. That would create a whole new rush of buyers wanting to get in while the getting was good. That would be a good thing. Just maybe enough momentum to carry us through to the end of this recession.

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