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Too Warm For November, But We’ll Take It

It hardly seems like November out there with all this warm weather. I’m happy for it though, don’t get me wrong. Business in real estate has been booming. With that and all the volunteer work the garden at home has been somewhat neglected as of late.

Last week we took a day off, most of a day anyway, and finally got to the fall planting and transplanting that happens every year. In the Spring we’ll have some new Earthkind roses blooming. Among them Prairie Princess, Mutabilis and Winter Sunset.

Excited for that. Next year is the Dublin Bay that sold out at the Herb Day sale before we had a chance to get one.

This is also the season of half price sales at the nurseries. Yay! I picked up a couple very nice Japanese Barberries from Johnson’s last week. Gotta love those half price sales.

Sometime this month it’s time to get all the roses put to bed for the winter.

Everyone has a favorite way as we have ours. This month at the Wichita Rose Society (WRS) meeting we’ll have some of our most experienced Rosarians, of which I am NOT one, having an open discussion on how to go about winterizing your plants.

Lisel and I listened and learned the last couple years. Following the great advice we received from WRS we did not lose a single rose. On the contrary they all came to life and thrived in the Spring.


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Fall-My Favorite Time Of Year

It seems it’s time to start pulling down the sweaters and taking jackets out of closets here in Wichita Kansas.  October is here in all its glorious splendor.

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year and it has arrived! Spring is nice with new beginnings, warmer weather and all but there’s something about fall. The crisp fall air seems so clean after a really hot and stagnant summer. It’s safe to venture out of our homes again without the fear of being scorched.

October is often the month of Indian summer days and crisp fall evenings. Days get shorter and the garden produces its last burst of color before the first frosts. It´s a big gardening month for most of the country before hunkering down for the winter.

Our rose blooms so far this fall have been nothing short of spectacular. The rest of the garden is coming back to life too. Of course soon it will be time to start thinking about putting the garden beds and roses to bed for the winter. The experts at the Wichita Rose Society are on hand to give advice about how to best go about this. One can also visit our website at http://www.wichitarosesociety.org/ for information.

The Central District Rose Show that WRS hosted this year was a great success thanks to Pat Horbelt and all the others who helped out. Not only did we have a great show and convention but we made a great impression on our club. Again, thanks to everyone for your support.

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June in Wichita Kansas

We finally got the rains we needed in May. The roses are all blooming like mad. The house has been full of flowers and the gardens are beautiful this year. So far we’ve added seven new roses and the usual vegetables and herbs.

Ditto, my old dog, gave us quite a scare last month when he got sick. It looked for awhile like he might not recover, but, he did and is back to his hyper and mischievous self.

While May brought us the moisture we needed June is bringing with it a month of special holidays, events and occasions.

The entire month of June is Great Outdoors Month! A celebration of the beginning of Summer and outdoor activities.

June is also national rose month, one of our favorites and  fruit and vegetable month.

It’s a time for thinking about safety during National Safety Month and drive safe month.

Potty training awareness month is June as is national iced tea month. One does has something to do with the other.

June 1st is Stand for Children Day. And important day to remember that children are in need of love and care from all of society. It’s also Oscar the Grouches birthday.

The radio was patented on the 2nd in 1896 and the first spacewalk happened in 1985. We came a long way in that 89 years.

Also in 1896 Henry Ford made the first operational car on the 4th.

World environment day is on the 5th and D-Day follows on the 6th.

Frank Loyd Wright was born in 1867 on the 8th of June. Donald Duck the next day in 1934.

A special day for Kansas and the Wizard of OZ is June 10th, 1922, the day Judy Garland was born.

Race unity day falls on the 2nd Sunday in June, another important day to reflect on the fact that we are all equal and children of the same Earth.

Weed your garden day falls on the 16th, but actually happens just about every day.

Flag Day is the 14th.

Fly a kite day on the 16th commemorates Ben Franklin’s famous kite flight in 1752.

Eat your vegetables day is the 17th.

Bald Eagle day, our national symbol, is the 20th.

Although many hold Memorial day to be the first day of Summer the actual day is the 21st of June.

UFO day is the 24th.

The bicycle was patented on the 26th of June in 1819, the same day as Chocolate pudding day and in 1498 the toothbrush was invented. I wonder what they did for clean teeth before that?

Captain Kangaroo and Helen Kellers birthdays both fall on the 27th. Helen Keller in 1880. If you ever start to feel down or like you weren’t given a fair shake in life, think of Helen and all that she accomplished.

The Happy Birthday song was written in 1859 on the 27th, just in time for Helens birthday.

The last day of June is Meteor day and Supermans birthday.

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Do Not despair, Wichita

It seems every year we have at least one cold snap here in Wichita Kansas.  By that I mean at least a week or so of really cold weather with temperatures dropping below zero and wind chills well into the negative numbers.

I look forward to these days. Not because I like frozen birdbaths or shoveling snow. I like it because there is generally only one and from here it’s downhill cruising into Spring.

This is the time of year we start shopping for roses and planning our Spring garden. Searching through catalogs of flowers and designing landscapes for the yard. Placing orders for the roses we have chosen gives us the joy of the wait, anticipating the day they will arrive by postal carrier at our front door. That day means Spring, and with it warm weather, has arrived.

These activities keep us warm throughout the rest of the Winter and give glimpses of the summer days to come.

January also brings sales, and everyone loves a good sale. The clothing stores are starting to reduce the Winter inventory by reducing prices. This a great time, for us that are fashion stable, to start shopping for next years winter. Saving money always gives me a good feeling deep down in my wallet.

The real estate business is not so active in January. Not many buyers want to go out at look at houses in cold weather, so Realtors get a bit of an expected break.  We know the business will return  and the warm weather will be here soon.

Spring flowers

So don’t despair. Look to the near future and always remember, as Hal Borland says;

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”

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