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Lucindas-Shopping Fun in Wichita

I thoroughly enjoy watching Lisel shop at Lucindas.

Seems everyone loves Lucindas and what’s not to love.
Whenever I want to go downtown I just ask her, “ya Wanna  go to Lucindas” and I’m in every time!.

It’s open late and fun to stroll through on the weekend evenings after taking in a movie or whatever else your doing in Old Town, Wichita Kansas.

There’s an array of things to buy, to many to list, from cute little knick knacks to designer clothing and shoes to completely useless but fun stuff.

The staff is nonexistence until you need something and then they seem to be right there. We like that  non hassle environment.

Lisel always says “lets go in and just look” but of course it never turns out that way, there’s to much cool stuff to turn a blind eye to.

I’m giving Lucindas a 4 out of a possible 5,  shy one star cause there’s not much there for me, but I’m sure Lisel would give them a 6.


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