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Christmas Already?

This post could actually have been written a month ago, right after Halloween.

As I was out walking the dogs last night full of holiday spirit I noticed Christmas lights up in the neighborhood. A lot of homes had lights up.  As I thought about it I realized that I didn’t notice Christmas lights up in the neighborhood two, or even three weeks ago, but they were there already.

Perhaps I’m just getting desensitized to it.  Christmas seems to start earlier every year. I suspect it’s more the commercialization of Christmas rather than Christmas itself.

Used to be one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving, besides the obvious, was that a radio station here in Wichita Kansas started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas music. I’m not sure when it started this year, but I noticed last week it was already happening.

I mention Halloween just because right around the end of October I was at a local hardware store buying some real estate signs when I was surprised to see two full isles dedicated to artificial Christmas trees and decorations.

In October!

We’ll start next week, as usual. It’s time to start thinking about a tree. This weekend I’ll start stringing lights and maybe even do a little shopping.

I wonder how long it took the three Kings to bear the gifts to Bethlehem, and I wonder if they had any idea of what they were starting.


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